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About us

Message from the Director

Good Earth Japan was created and started its activity in March, 2007.
The problem of landmine and UXO is one of the most pressing issues from humanitarian point of view. People cannot, however, be expected to regain self-sufficient life immediately after landmine and UXO are removed from their land. Through giving small hands to the people, we aim to realize the peaceful society where people are more independent and children keep big smiles on their face in post-mine clearance region. We strongly wish you to share our feeling and to support people.
Hirotoyo Fujii
Representative Director
NGO Good Earth Japan


We aim to revitalize the land after landmines are cleared and to realize the peaceful and wealthy society where children always have smiles on their faces.


We support people in preparing agricultural land, transferring agriculture techniques and improving living environment so that people may become more independent and enjoy more self-sufficient life in the mine-cleared land.
Name of
Good Earth Japan
March, 2007
Awareness of people’s living environment in post-mime clearance area by some project members in and around February 2003.
Thirteen people had a kick-off meeting and decided to establish a NGO to make supporting projects for the people in such an era.
A formal application for NGO establishment has been introduced to relevant authority in December, 2006.
The creation of a NGO has been officially recognized in March, 2007 and the registration has immediately been made with No. 0530-05-0001261.
Both Japan H/Q office and Phnom Penh office started activity in April, 2007.
The first project started in Cambodian site in April, 2007.
GEJ opened its second domestic office at Tokyo in December, 2008.
Article of Association says in its article No. 3:
The Organization will focus on the countries where people’s life are affected by landmines and UXO remnant. It will aim to revitalize regions where landmines are removed, and improve people’s living environment so that direct and indirect mine-victims may achieve self-sufficiency in their daily-life. By making these support activities and encouraging awareness of the situation by Japanese citizens, the Organization will make a certain contribution for realizing peaceful and wealthy society. 
Hirotoyo Fujii
Major Activity
Agricultural training / Agricultural infrastructure building /
Improvement of living environment / Construction of schools
Decision-Making Body: Board of Directors
Office Administration: Head Office Secretariat, Tokyo Office, Overseas Office (Cambodia)
Shirou Ishii, Fumio Shibano, Makoto Teradaira, Hironori Okajima,
Munekatsu Takahashi, Kunio Tanemura
Yoshihisa Iino, Ryuji Kobiyama
Shoji Shinoda

Tokyo Office: 7F Sumitomo Fudosan Ueno Bldg, 9-3,Higashi-Ueno 6chome,

                    Taitou-ku,Tokyo 110-0015,Japan
Cambodian Office: No.138C, St.2014, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Posenchey,

                            Phnom Penh, P.O.Box2911, PNH3,Cambodia

Tokyo Office: +81(0)3-5826-5252
Cambodian Office: +855(0)92555798
Tokyo Office: +81(0)3-5826-5253
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