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Feb 27, 2017
In October, 2016, Good Earth Japan (GEJ) participated to the Global Festa Japan 2016 which was held at Center Promenade of Odaiba in Tokyo. At the Festa, GEJ received the 2 groups of students from Tokyo Jogakkan Junior High School who were studying the social contribution through NPO activities at the booth. The outline of the GEJ’s activities was explained and they took an interest in the GEJ’s activities of supporting local people who live on the post minefield to become independent and its background. At the end of their visit to the booth, GEJ had agreed to have another session for further detailed explanation and discussion at GEJ’s office in February, 2017. The visit was realized on this February 1. The students have visited GEJ office and had the meaningful session followed by animated questions and answers. After the session, just the time of leaving, they have passed a small token of their gratitude from their allowance asking to use for GEJ’s activities.
At their school, they made presentation as for the conclusion of their study expressing on their feeling of importance and necessity of the support to Cambodian people through NPO.
The donation given together with other contribution have sent to Cambodia for purchasing and distributing the school supplies such as Pencils, Note books, Reading books and Posters for school children at Slappan Primary School which is one of schools supported by GEJ in Battambang Province, Northwest of Cambodia.
Thank you students! Your small donation expanded circle of the support.
The visit at Global Fest in last October
The session of Feb. 1, they were very serious
On Feb. 24, distributed the school supplies
Thanks student of Tokyo Jogakkan Junior High School
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