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Accelerating the improvement        Mushroom Spawn production

Dec 18, 2017
With the article of “Improving the quality of Mushroom Spawn is in progress” dated November 19, the activity of Mushroom Spawn production had been reported. It is related to the Mushroom cultivation training which have been organized and conducted in conjunction of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and Provincial Department of Battambang Province (PDA) for farmers who live on post minefield at Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia for them to become independent. The additional information has been reached as below.
The production of Mushroom Spawn is under trial by PDA, and they are conducting the germination test of their Spawn at the farmer who participated the Mushroom cultivation training for the quality and volume of yield several times already.
And now, PDA have decided to have own cultivation room for facilitating the germination test by themselves and use for the cultivation training just next to the Mushroom Spawn production room.
As the result it will become easier germination test in timely manner, can make standard of the test, and will have higher efficiency of the production soon.
Sheared rice straws and bean shells are steam fumigated and mixed with nutrient as for the compost
Compost had been contacted with spawn and kept with optimum temperature
The germination tests have been conducted at farmer places for checking the quality and yield
(Mainly straw mushrooms were cultivated at the training and these are used for Chinese dishes often.)
The cultivation room is under construction at next to Mushroom Spawn production room
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