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It was really a Festa international!    International Festa at Kofu Station

International Festa which was organized by Yamanashi International Association (YIA) have been held on October 14 at the park of Kofu Station in Yamanashi Prefecture.
There were many people who are interested in the international exchange activities and in the foreign delicacy have visited there.
Good Earth Japan (GEJ) was invited to participate by YIA and have been there for expanding the support chain explaining the support activities to farmers who live on the post landmine field in the Kingdom of Cambodia using Picture Panels, and calling for members and raising the fund.
Coincidently, the booth of GEJ was located at the just next to the one’s of Mr. Kenichi Iwasaki who is a Singer Song Writer and continues to support Prey Preal Primary School individually and some time together with GEJ for a long time. Therefore, the appeal of the activities explanation was strengthen at there.
Thank you, people who visited GEJ’s booth and listen to the explanation, and contributed.
Thank you also YIA for giving us such opportunity to participate.

At the GEJ’s booth

Thank you for your contribution


Explanation with enthusiasm


Thank you for your contribution. Had more people donated but....

Mr. Iwasaki was singing passionately on the stage

With clapping by audience. Wall news paper explained the activities of Mr. Iwasaki including collaboration work with GEJ.

At the Festa ground,

On the stage, Sound of Quena by Peruvian, Chorus by children, Flamenco dance and Folk costumes etc. were exhibited

Various national’s products and food were on sale

Corner for experiencing dressing Kimono and Tea service. Nikken Corporation exhibited a demining machine.

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