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Let’s repair by ourselves.    Road maintenance seminar at Boeng Sangkae village

On October 23, villagers of Boeng Sangkae village (Separated from Bosampor village in 2017.) in
Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia have gathered at the corner of village
This gathering was organized for the seminar of learning how to repair the small holes on the
Laterite paved road which was built in this July by the support of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) before
they would become bigger.
Representative of GEJ in Cambodia has attended the seminar as an instructor of the repairing
method bringing the tools for repair work and help them.
Villagers who have attended the seminar have realized the importance of taking prompt action for
the small holes when they find, and have had the confident of that they could repair such holes by
themselves in future.
GEJ instruct villagers that the remedy of such holes in time and proper way by villagers
immediately after they find such holes can prevent the bigger damages of the road.

Instructed the outline of repair works 

First, remove the damages completely

Fill the Laterite and spray water

Harden with tamping bar

Cover with grasses for the sign of repaired part

Clean the tools and store at the village

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