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Okun chraun ! (Thank you!)         Ou Takorng GEJ Primary School

Thank you, members of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) and people who support GEJ with contribution.
The Primary School at Ou Takorng village in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia has opened on November 1 officially.
GEJ started to extend support for farmers in this village who live on the post landmine field through the agriculture trainings, improving living environment, and improvement of infrastructure since 2014.
As there was no Primary school at this village, the school-age children were forced to commute to schools in other village nearby diversified. Therefore, in response to very strong request from children and villagers, GEJ decided and started to construct the school in April this year and it had completed in September. However, children had to wait until the new semester to come in  November.
Please refer to the article of “Looking forward to having the school openeddated July 26 for the detail.
About 70 school age children including 40 children of Grade 1 (6 years old) have started to attend this school.  There are 2 teachers dispatched by the government to this school and they are teaching from 07:00 to 11:00 for grade 1 and 2, and from 13:00 to 17:00 for grade 3 and 4.
As the long-cherished wishes of children and villagers became true, it made them all the happier

       Children are attending to school happily and eagerly together.

Today, they gathered at the school gate for expressing thanks to GEJ.

        Grade 1 Class. It seems like they are not getting used to yet.

Grade 2 Class. Some of them were commuting to other school before.  Started to study hard.
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