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It was a satisfactory result.    Rice cultivation training

Measuring the crop has been conducted at the rice field of both villages of Peak Sbaek and Boeng Prei in Battambang Province northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
The measurement was taken place at each model farm of Rice Cultivation Training which were organized and conducting by Good Earth Japan (GEJ) in conjunction with Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF) for the purpose of improving life and self-supported the farmers who live on post landmine field themselves.  
First, the rice at two designated area were harvested and threshed. The weight of rice has been converted to crop per hectare by calculation. The result showed that more than twice superseded of the average crop of from 2.0 to 2.5 ton/hectare in Cambodia.
Farmers who attended the Rice Cultivation Training have been very pleased and proud of the result.
There were 13 sessions of lecture and hands on training like how to select the good seed rice, how to prepare the rice field, how to prepare organic fertilizer, better way of planting, and further sessions of watering, weeding and disease prevention training had been carried out since April.
Now, it time for harvesting the rice by all of trainee of the course.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure.

Peak Sbaek village: Seed rice had sowed by spreading.

A frame of two-meter square were prepared and harvested within the frame, and measured the weight of rice.

Two places in a field have harvested as sampling and converted to weight per one hectare. The result was 5.25 tons/hectare.

A voice of model farmer who received the training.

My name is Beath Seurn living in Peak Sbek since 2005. This year is the first time for me to participate agriculture rice training, I follow the method for rice cultivation but I can not practice the transplanting method rice field no water, just practice rice spreading method,
  • Seed selection
  • Preparation field the soil to be soft before spreading seed.
    My rice field is 30m x 50m and I used to spreading seed 45Kg. This year follow method and using 22Kg. One week after spreading seed start growing I lost my hope by seeing rice growing to thin but later on is good and result today harvest very happy with good yield if compare to last year traditional. I will keep this rice to be use for the next year seed. Thank you, GEJ and PDAFF.

Boeng Prei village: Seed rice were planted by transplant of seedling.

Sample rice was harvested and measured.

Threshing rice by feet.


Two places in a field have harvested as sampling and converted to weight per one hectare. Although, the shortage of rain for this field, the result was 5.15 tons/hectare.

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