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Can reach to school safely even under the heavy rain.   Ou Takorng GEJ Primary School

The Primary School at Ou Takorng village in Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia which was constructed and had opened on November 1 with the full support of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) have been installed the larger Pipe Culvert in front of its main gate.

The ditches in front of the school premise had been connected with small pipe. However, there was a fear of over flowed water from the ditches come over to the school field and the access pass to the school building when heavy rain in the rainy season. Therefore, although it was still in dry season, it was decided to replace the pipe for bigger one to prevent such problem occur in the next rainy season.

The construction work has completed recently and the water in the ditches can flow smoothly.


Now, school children can access to the school building safely even under the heavy rain.

There are ditches in front of the school gate.
Replacement work for larger Pipe culvert in progress.
The both ends of the pipe have been strengthen by concrete.
Top soil on the culvert has been leveled, and the work have completed.
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