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Beautify the schoolyard is ongoing   Prey Preal Primary School @ Battambang Province

Prey Preal Primary School in Battambang Province in northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia which was constructed and opened in year 2013 by the full support of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) based on the fund of membership fee and donation by people in Japan, is now on campaign for beautifying the schoolyard and improving school sanitation.
The area was the post landmine field and GEJ had been extending support for farmers who live there to become independent since 2011.
It was the idea of Principal that if boxing the trees in different shape for the protection, school children can recognize the basic shapes as well as for beautify the area, and the work has started recently. It would  help school children to have experience of the group work too, he said.
At the same time, the basement of the pole for raising a national flag should be reconstructed.
Furthermore, the place for washing hands and feet before children return to the class rooms after playing at the schoolyard has started to construct.
The trend and thought for children to use school property in clean and with care have been taking root.

Boxing the trees

Principal showed the example first

Circle shape

Square shape

Triangle shape

Rectangle shape

Basement of raising pole

Taking down the material
Removed the pole

The basement work with care

Challenging for brick laying


Should be finished the

circumference by

concrete layer and paint

For your reference ;


At the time of the visit of GEJ Study Tour group

in August this year, the clean-up work of

schoolyard had been carried out by school

children and tour members

Place for washing hands and feet

Place for washing hands and feet with roof

The pipe with shower holes should be placed between poles. Shelves should be put above    the pipe.

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