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Road repair works have been carried out by villagers   Battambang Province, Cambodia

Villages where Good Earth Japan(GEJ) extend the support for farmers who live on the post landmine field have carried out of the repair works of village and farm roads which were damaged during the last rainy season by villagers themselves. Those roads were constructed by the fund of GEJ before.
The most of the slight damages were repaired immediately after they encountered by villagers but some of them were left as they became big damages by the heavy rain etc. of which villagers could not cope with them. This time, as villager declared the repair work should be done by them, GEJ decided to supply the Laterite free of charges for lighten their burden.
Although, it was a fairly large-scale repair work, villagers have been cooperated together to overcome the difficulties following the steps and cautions learned from the Road Maintenance Training provided by GEJ before.
Villagers participated and sweated with work have felt the satisfaction of achievement and have enjoyed the work too.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post minefield to become independent through agriculture training, improving living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure.

At Ou Takorng village;

The wheel tracks of farm tractors and motorcycles were evident and some other places were indented.

Dig out the damaged parts and fill the Laterite after wetting the area, and harden by tamping.

As there were many damages around, the wheelbarrow was very useful.   The work was progressing.

At Bosampor village;

As many indents were large and deep, the large volume of Laterite was required.

The modified Water Tank has been spreading water to the damages and Dump truck has
left the optimum volume of Laterite on top of them.

Modified Farm Tractor with push plate has worked well. After leveled by the tractor, villagers were finishing the surface by hands.

Taking this opportunity, the branches obstacle for traffic at road shoulder was removed.  Almost completing!

At Reaksmei Sangha village;

Here also encountered many large damages around.

As there was a larger collapse of the shoulder, the reinforcement work of the shoulder has carried out.

Filled the Laterite on the shoulder and made the surfaces harden by Plate tamper.

The other light damages have been repaired around accordingly.

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