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Suosdei Chhnam Thmei !    New Year messages from Cambodia

New year messages from farmers, children who live on the post landmine field in Battambang Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia where Good Earth Japan (GEJ) extends the support with the fund based on the memberships and donation have arrived. At the same time, staffs of counter partners for the support like Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) and Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF) and others have sent the same to GEJ.

From Mr. Kok Trang at Bosampor Village

I am a farmer, Kok Trang living in Bosampor village. I started to cultivate mushrooms in 2016. In year 2018, I had harvested about 1,500Kg of Straw Mushrooms in total and could sell them with 3$/Kg in average. Currently, I have 4 mushroom vinyl houses (two of small 4m x 4m ones and two big 4m x 8m ones). I am planning to replace two small 4m x4m ones with the large 4m x 8m one within this year for increasing the production. I thank you, GEJ, for providing us many skill trainings of Agriculture such as Rice cultivation, Chicken raise, Home Gardening and Mushroom cultivation. They are very useful for us to improve our lives. Recently, I started to raise chickens based on the knowledge learnt from the training course. I will try hard to succeed with the chicken raise also. Thank you GEJ and its supporters, and wish you to have a very Happy New Year!

Mr. Kok

The large vinyl house

Inside of Vinyl house

Secured many rice straws for Mushroom beds

New Henhouses for Chicken and chicks
His first Mushroom Vinyl house, and photo with his wife in early 2016

From Nim Kom at Boengkrasal village

I am Nim Kom living in Boengkrasal village, I participated Agriculture training of GEJ for the village since beginning. I had been paying effort to have skill of Chicken raise much, because it was familiar with me. Before the training, I could not succeed with chicken raise. I had suffered with the disease on chickens always and lost many of them. But after the training and follow up in 2017, I had learnt and understood how to protect chickens from disease and to give good feed etc. As the result, I raised more than 200 Chickens and have sold about 100 of them in last year. Average weight of Chicken was 1.2Kg to 1.5Kg, and could sell them with 3$ to 4$ at the market. This year, I am planning to make big Chicken house. Thanks to GEJ for providing trainings to villagers! They are very useful! 
Mr. Kom with his Chickens

From Dourk Nov at Korsvay village

I am Dourk Nov, 77 years old living in Korsvay village since 2003. I attended the all Agriculture trainings of GEJ. After the box culvert (bridge) had been constructed on the river by GEJ, it blocked more water at upper stream as a by-product. It is good for cultivating vegetables and fruits. I am happy with my farm work. I am getting income from many kind of vegetables for the average of 3$ everyday. It is still the small amount but I hope to have more income in near future when the vegetable and fruit production will become successful. THANKS to GEJ to provide many skill trainings and constructed the box culvert which is not only transport improvement but more beneficial for giving water for cultivation and our daily consumption. Thank you again for your support.

Mr. Nov. Checking the quality of cucumber and Morning Glory (Water spinach) which was started to cultivate recently.

The box culvert and the water collected

Beside of the commemorative plate for new bridge

From Kun Chantha at Boengsangke village

My name is Kun Chantha, living in Boengsangke village.  I attended to all the training from GEJ project. After received the skill training of how to raise Chicken for two years, I studied how to protect Chickens from disease and how to prepare the good feed for Chickens. Now my chicken are about 300 and I can sell them with $4/Chicken. I hope more chicken will grow up well in this year. Thanks to GEJ for constructing a new agriculture pond as well, and providing the Agriculture trainings. Wish you good luck!
Mrs. Chanta and her young chickens

They are very healthy in clean henhouse

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