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Suosdei Chhnam Thmei ! (No.2)   New Year messages from Cambodia

Thank you for building our School!  From Srey Nich, at Ou Takorng village

My name is Srey Nich, 12 years old. Now grade 2 at Ou Takorng GEJ Primary school. Last year was grade 1 and had been commuting to Pichchangva Primary school which was about 4 Km away from my house by walk. Now, GEJ constructed our school inside of our village and it is about 1 Km distance from my house with about 20 minute walk. I am very happy to come to this school by walking on GEJ’s laterite road. It is very convenient, fast and safe to come. On behalf of the all Ou Takorng school students, thank you, GEJ for constructing the school for us.

We, all together, wish you a good luck and a Happy New Year.

Miss. Nich and the children in the lower grade in front of their classroom.

Scenes of the class

From a student and a teacher at Prey Preal GEJ school

My name is Prom Leakhena, 14 years old and I am studying at Prey Preal GEJ school with grade 5. Thank you, GEJ and donors, so much for constructing this school.
Thank you also for donating some study materials to us often.  We wish you all have a good luck this New Year.
My name is Sovan Chom Nab, teacher of Prey Preal GEJ Primary school.  Thanks to GEJ for constructed the school and teacher’s dormitory. They are very convenient for the village students and also teachers who had been commuting from far a way to school  before. Wish you a year full of love, joy and good luck!

From counter partners and GEJ office in Phnom Penh

・From Chan Sambath, CMAC

During 2018, Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) Demining Unit 2 have been cleared 3,349 hectares of landmine contaminated area, found & destroyed of 4,485 Anti-personal mines, 53 Anti-Tank mine and 9,501 Unexploded Ordnances in most 5 landmine/UXO-affected districts of Samlot, Koaskrala, Ratanakmondul, Banan and Bavel of the Province Battambang. All the cleared land had been handed over to the local authority which benefited are totally 78,636 families, 77,670 households and 327,624 populations are as direct beneficiaries. Have a happy and prosperous New Year!Chan Sambath

Mr. Chan Sambath at the steps of Agriculture pond which GEJ have newly built

Process of clearing the land mines

・From Sovanmony of PDAFF

The GEJ had cooperation with Provincial Department Of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery(PDAFF-BTB) more than 11 year at Battambang province. Since year 2007 GEJ provided Agriculture trainings to people who live on  Post-Mine field such trainings as Rice crop, Maize, Home garden, Mushroom Cultivation and Chicken Raise. All these activities were helpful to the people who living at the rural area. All the villagers very happy. On behalf of PDAFF-BTB and villagers, I would like Thanks to GEJ and wishes all of you Good Luck. Happiness and Successfully for New Year coming
Battambang, In Sovanmony Deputy Director of PDAFF-BTB

At Agricultural Fair. Mr. Mony, the second from right.

Distribution of Chicks at the end of the training

Train the all knowhow and cautions through out from building and controlling Vinyl house to prepare the Mushroom bedding so on.

Now, PDAFF can provide the reasonably priced quality Mushroom Spawns.

・From Sovuth, PDRD

GEJ had cooperation with Provincial Department Rural Development (PDRD) for more than 11 year at Battambang province, Since year 2007 GEJ developed Post-Mine clearance such as Laterite road construction, Pond digging, School building all these activities are very helpful to the people who living at the rural area. All the villagers are very happy. On behalf of PDRD and villagers, I would like Thanks to GEJ and wishes all of you Good Luck. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
Eng.SENG SOVUTH  Chief Office Rural Road

Mr. Sovuth

Mr. Sovuth involved the construction of Agriculture Ponds and others from investigation of the land till the completion

・From Sambath, GEJ Phnom Penh

GEJ activities move on the right way to help many villagers and students living on Post-landmine field by changing the area from Minefield to Green field.

All these activities GEJ have been working in conjunction with the very helpful local counter partners like PDRD, PDAFF, Provincial Department of Education (PDE) of Battambang Province and CMAC. On behalf of the villagers and students, THANK so much to GEJ and Donors. Wishes all of you good luck and successful in this New Year.

Mr. Sambath

With school children of Ou Takorng GEJ Primary School

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