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Thank you for your interest and understanding on our activities

The lecture of introducing the background and support activities of Good Earth Japan (GEJ) for farmers who live on post landmine field at northwest of the Kingdom Cambodia have taken place to the members of “Tokyo Sougo Seibi Kogyo Cooperative Society” at the meeting room of Messrs. Ohguro Diesel Ltd. in Tokyo on February 22.
The society had been established in 1963 and the seven member companies are registered currently. They have been contracting the maintenance and repair works of the special and/or ordinal vehicles of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force since then.
The lecture has been conducted by the arrangement of Mr. Ohguro who is the chairman of the society and a support member of GEJ at annual meeting of society. For the lecture, a staff of CSR Department of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has joined for the assistance too.
The attendee have listened the lecture eagerly, and at the end of the lecture the donation from the society was handed over to GEJ’s secretary general.
Thank you for giving us such opportunity to explain our activities, and the donation.
The donation shall be utilized effectively.
 GEJ support farmers who live on post minefield through the agriculture trainings, improving their living environment, and improvement of their infrastructure by building roads, agriculture ponds, primary schools etc. as well.
Mr. Ohguro introduced GEJ

The lecture by Secretary-general of GEJ

Attendee have listened the lecture earnestly

Donation was handed over to GEJ

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