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Bringing good fruits around the area!

On March 12, farmers of Korsvay village where is in the Battambang Province, northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia have assembled at the open space of the village. The gathering has been organized for explaining the result of the study by Good Earth Japan on the strong request by village for the Laterite paving on the 660 meters earth road to the main road with the fund of 2019 budget of GEJ.
By paving with Laterite, the weathering and accessibility of the road would be improved greatly. Therefore, farmers were very content and have promised to maintain the road by themselves, and deeply thanked to GEJ for such support.
For this village, GEJ constructed a bridge on the river between the village and main road in July last year. (Please refer to the article
Since the bridge had been constructed, the water level of upper stream of the river became higher and enabled to reserve much water for farming etc. It has contributed much to growth of the vegetables in the area.  Again, farmers expressed their thanks to GEJ.
GEJ support farmers who live on the post landmine field for them to become independent through the Agriculture trainings, improving their living environment, and also improvement of infrastructure in the area.

Farmers assembled.

It is dry season now.
But still plenty of water there.

Corn is growing well.

Leaf vegetables had been watered enough.

Long green bean is growing smoothly.

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