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Now, it’s time to plant the Mushroom actually

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) supports the program of Mushroom cultivation training for farmers who live on post landmine field in northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Mushroom cultivation training

The farmers learned how to prepare the Spawn beds with Rice straws for both of in field and in vinyl house cultivation methods.
Farmers were taught that in case of in Vinyl house cultivation method, it is necessary to fumigate the Spawn beds with steam produced by boiling water in Drum for killing various kinds of bacteria before plant Mushroom Spawn.
This time, the quality Mushroom spawns produced at Mushroom Spawn production facility at Provincial Department of Agriculture (PDA) in Battambang City have been supplied to farmers.
 (For the details of Mushroom Spawn improvement, please refer to the article of Accelerating the improvement  Mushroom Spawn production dated December 18, 2017)

Farmers who attended the training are full of hope for their success of Mushroom cultivation.
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