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Farmers Sounds ~The Mushroom cultivation training~

Good Earth Japan (GEJ) supports the program of Mushroom cultivation training for farmers who live on post landmine field in northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia in cooperation with Battlambang Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (PDAFF).
Mushroom training started in early March. The harvest of mushrooms has come in mid April.
The mushroom harvesting was good result almost the same among the 5 villages, average between 0.8Kg-1Kg/1m2.
We have received some messages from farmers who attended the Mushroom training.
My name Phan Da living in Boengsangke village since year 2000, this is the second time for mushroom training,
I am happy to see the result is good compare to last year some time damage sometime growing,
the problem is the weather control, the second time training more clear understand,
I will continue for mushroom cultivation. Mushroom price $3/Kg.
My name Mei Leakhna living in Andoungneag since year 2005, This is the second time for mushroom training.From the cultivation my harvesting more than 20Kg can sell $3/Kg.Compare to last year 50% success 50% damage but from this year my believe is much better success.
Not only mushroom also chicken raising is success, since last year chicken 2% is died, compare to last 2-3 year ago almost 100% dead because can not protect the disease.
My name Ouch Sareth living in Anlongsvay village sine year 1998, this is the second time for mushroom cultivation, this year is success for cultivation  the row of mushroom behind my back 5 rows harvest more 30Kg can sell $3/Kg.
I am happy to continue mushroom cultivation and also chicken raising.
Thanks to GEJ and PDAFF for supporting.
My name Som Chenda living in Peaksbaek village2 since year 2000, this year is the first year for mushroom cultivation my understanding about 50% for mushroom cultivation but the trainer always checking the temperature and advice from time to time so the result is good, one row 0.6m x 4m= 2.5Kg I want to continue for mushorom cultivation
My name Yem Ly living in Peaksbaek village1, Last year participated Rice training the result is good.
This is the first time for mushroom training my understanding 60% for mushroom cultivation from the day cultivation 2 time harvesting 3 rows and one house 3 shelf x 2 = harvesting about 20Kg and will harvest more in a few day later.
mushroom price $3/Kg. The difficulty is temperature control. Thank to GEJ and PDAFF for supporting these activities
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